Outdoor Kitchen – The Oven – Part 2

Wood Fired White Oven for Rocket Heater Kitchen

Here is the oven that we will use in our outdoor kitchen. As you can see it assembles in less than 90 seconds, yet ships flat. The joints will of course be filled with clay mortar when it is installed. Here is a quick video of its assembly.

The groves are for adjustable shelves. The interior is 12×12.

Rocket Heater White Oven

Outdoor Kitchen – Part 1

Rocket Heater Outdoor Kitchen

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We are gearing up for our next build, an outdoor kitchen, shown to the left. It facilitates a wood fired white oven, cast iron cook top, and space heater.

This model will use the 4″ Dragon Burner as the heat source. We may have to upgrade to the 6″, but the 4″ has a shorter heat riser, making it a better match for height on the cook top piece.

It will use 24″ x 24″ chimney flues, covered in stone for fast construction. The oven and oven door we will custom make for this model.

It will have 2 bells, the top one is lined with 2″ ceramic blanket for heat retention. Exhaust enters the upper bell from under the cook top and is exited in the back bottom of the bell. Here is a view with the side transparent.

Dragon Heate Outdoor Kitchen sideview

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As you can see the oven has 2 integrated tabs at the back to support and secure its location. There is lots of room for the hot gases to circulate around the oven. The oven is 12″x12″x14″ deep, and allows shelves for cooking multiple dishes.

Topview showing oven suspended in 1st bell

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The lower bell has no lining and is designed to radiate heat to the surrounding space, especially through the arch shaped panel.


The cook top will have an optional bypass, so that all the heat can go to the oven if desired.


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