Painting Flues

This is a 4″ Castle Build painted with High Temperature Paint.  Using high temperature paint is an inexpensive way to finish off a castle build.

Dragon Heater Castle Build Rocket Masonry Heater

Solid Moss Metallic Green

Mini Rocket Masonry Heater with High Temperature Painted Flues

Moss Green Metalic with Mohave Red Caps

We added some red caps to give it a little punch. The flues can be painted a large variety of colors to give your heater a modern, rustic, or industrial look.

If you plan on painting to finish off your flues, you may want to take a little extra care which direction your flues face. As you can see the top flue of heat riser column to the right shows the production imprints facing out. This would like nicer if these faced away.

Small masonry heater made with rocket heater core and chimney flues

with red feed plate

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  1. I considered doing this with my 4″ system, but decided that the rustic, natural state of the build suits our cabin just fine. However, to eliminate the issue with manufacturing defects in the flue liners, you can fill them with mortar prior to painting. That will give a smooth finish. Alternatively, if one wanted, they could put a skim coat of mortar over the whole flue liner to add a texture if desired.

  2. Kevin McCune says:

    How does this effect the mass of the bell and the time it gives off heat?

    • Painting has no effect. If the bells are covered in brick or stone it of course adds mass and slows delivery of the heat. So it depends on the situation if the extra mass is needed or not.

  3. Kevin McCune says:

    Sorry I was not clear. How much mass is lost.% wise.

  4. Stucco…hang some stainless wire on it and make it look like anything your heart desires….they sale a material with a bonding agent in it,with fibers..cannot remember the name of it off hand…but it would work fine for cover..and you could put designs in it…I believe quickcrete makes it now….I used it a few years ago to cover some block columns I built…of course they didnt have a heater underneath them….the owners did not want to see the joints, they wanted a smooth effect and the material was white when done…so you could add some coloring to it to make it whatever you wanted…..just musing…….

  5. does black paint emit more heat than white?

    • Black paint would absorb more heat (than white) from an infrared source such as the sun, but I don’t think the color affects the amount of heat radiated from the flues.

  6. Black absorbs more infra-red than the rest of the visible colours, and, black is also the best emitter of all the visible colours.