Rocket Masonry Heater Oven

Dragon Heater Masonry Heater Oven for Rocket StovesThe Dragon Heater masonry oven was tested with a 6″ Dragon Heater in the stair castle build. It  demonstrated;

  • Even Heating
  • Temperatures to 560F
  • Ability to maintain a given temperature
  • Quick recovery after opening the door

This oven has a 12V light kit, door and stainless steel rail for hanging an oven thermometer. It is also compatible with standard oven probes that go inside the meat or dish being cooked. It is 12″x12″x14″.

Dragon Heater Masonry Heater Temperature Chart

Oven Temperature Heating up and Cooling Down

Oven Temperature Profile

The chart to the left is starting the Dragon Heater cold. No more fuel was added to the heater once it appeared the temperature had stabilized at around 550-560F.  At this point it is  losing as much heat out the glass door as new heat is being added.

You can see two dips where the door was opened to see what effect there was on the temperature. As you can see the temperature drops more gradually than it increases. The dip on the way up was a lapse in fuel loading.

Maintaining a Stable Temperature

Next, we wanted to see if a partial loading of the heater would maintain a stable temperature. Once the temperature dropped to around 280F fuel was added. 1/3 to 1/4 of the feed tube was filled and the remainder of the tube was covered to prevent excess air.  The results are shown below. As you can see it leveled out pretty nicely.

Operational Considerations

Dragon Heater Masonry Oven holding temperatures

Sustaining Temperature at 280F

Like other wood fired ovens it produces an even heat, with heat coming equally from all directions of the oven. There are no hot or cold spots.

Because the heat originates outside the oven it is called a white oven. A black oven is where a fire is lit inside the oven.

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  1. Allen Lumley says:

    Congratulations, this is a great step forward ! Watching food cook is a little bit like watching paint dry, but perhaps a Time lapse or fast forward ?!! Oh, andI didn’t see oven racks, but I did see the rails !

  2. Hello. I was wondering if you would mind supplying us with type of material you are using for the oven. I have not been able to find the info on your site. Thanks.

  3. Scott Holtzman says:

    Would this work/be available for the 4″ setup as well?

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    blogger lovers howevrr this piece of writing is genuinely a fastidious piece of writing, keep it up.

  5. I know rocket stoves burn clean but can they meet the new EPA proposal of 1.3 g/kg? Have you done lab emissions testing? results? thanks

    • The 1st problem in getting epa testing is the entire protocol rules for how a stove is to be tested are all based on a traditional fire box. So entirely new rules for testing have to be written and approved by the EPA, before ours or any other rocket heater based technology can be officially certified, this makes the testing many times more expensive and lengthy than a normal stove approval process.

      This issue however, is not ussually a problem for most of our customers, who build some implementation of a castle build. These are considered site built masonry heaters, and as such do not require epa certification.

  6. Gennie Gartland says:

    On the initial start how do you do it ,,it has a feed box that is vertical and since smoke goes up before Draft is established ,, how do you keep it from getting in the house , to start with .

    • The system has draft which pulls the fire through the burn tunnel from the moment you put a fire starter in the feed tube. This is not an issue.