Tiled 4″ Dragon Heater Build

We built this Dragon Heater in less than a day.  Of course the color of  the stove-pipe and barrel can be changed, as well as the tiles used. You can use the sketchup files to try out many different looks to find the look that matches your decor.  It is an easy build that anyone can do.

Here is a video to the step by step video of building of this heater.


This is a great stove for quickly heating up a shop or other space that would typically be heated by a cast iron stove. It does not have any integrated thermal mass, so if you are wanting delayed heating you will need to either add a heated bench or consider the plans that include an integrated bell chamber below.

Here are some shots from the Sketchup plans used to build this heater. A complete step by step video of this build is also included with the plans. Plans are included free with the purchase of the barrel supports or steel and gasket kit.

4intile1 4intile2 4intile3

Dragon Heater 4in Plan

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  1. Dean Powers says:

    Who is the idiot that recommended putting a music track on the video? It is extremely distracting and serves no useful purpose. It was so irritating that I ended the video before the end because I couldn’t stand the music any longer.

    An informative voice over would have been a useful alternative!